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Adam & Eve - Grace & Sin

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help teenagers recognize that original sin is a real inheritance that we gained from Adam and Eve, but that Christ has received us a new inheritance that can replace the hold of sin and death through grace.

About this night

This Life Night is meant to help the teens realize that sin is a reality that we are forced to face. By acknowledging sin exists, we can then move on to overcoming sin with the gift of grace that we receive through Christ. Many teens today struggle accepting that there is a moral right and a moral wrong. This night is designed to help them come to the reality of what sin can do to one’s life, but it also should leave them with a sense of hope in the cross. Grace can overpower sin in one’s life, if we are open to receiving it from Jesus Christ.

The Life Night begins with a fun game that challenges teenagers to bob for and then stack apples within a time limit. The Proclaim explains the origins of sin and our need for a savior. The Break for the Life Night is a small group discussion that will challenge teenagers to think about their relationship with Christ and the areas of temptation that exist in their lives. The Send offers teenagers a time to reflect on areas of their lives that need renewal and then offers an opportunity for them to renew their baptismal promises.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we discussed the fall of our first parents into sin and our rise to new life in grace through Christ. We reviewed the story of our first parents, Adam and Eve, from Genesis 3 and how it affects our lives today. Often times this story from Scripture can appear to be nothing more than a simple fairy tale, but tonight we looked at the real implication that original sin has had on the human race since the beginning. Sin separates us from experiencing the fullness of a relationship with God. After discussing the reality of sin, we discovered that we have hope in the grace of Jesus Christ and that we don’t have to become a product of our environment. Grace builds upon nature, so we encourage you, as a family, to look at Genesis 3 and one of the narratives of Jesus’ crucifixion in the Gospels sometime this week. Open them up for a compare and contrast before or after dinner. How does original sin affect your family? How does the grace of the cross help your family to have hope?


Have the entire front of the room and/or stage set up like a lush garden. Borrow potted plants from around the parish, from some of the Core Members, or from parents. The idea is to recreate the Garden of Eden. Try to cover the pots to make it look more natural. In the center of the garden place a large cross that is completely covered in fake leaves so that it cannot be seen as a cross from the teens’ perspective. The fake leaves need to be secured in a way that they can be easily ripped off of the cross during the Proclaim. It will look like the tree of life from Genesis to start the night but will look like the new tree of life from the Gospels by the end of the Proclaim.

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