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Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is for teens to recognize sacramentals and be able to distinguish between the seven sacraments and the many sacramentals. The night will also expose teens to a variety of sacramentals so that they will be more aware of them and their deeper meaning when they see them.

About this night

Historically, the Church has made the assumption that children are seeing the sights, sounds and symbols of our faith in their daily lives. Faith formation or religious education was supposed to help them simply understand those sights, sounds and symbols more deeply. In today’s society, we cannot make this same assumption. A night on sacramentals may be the first time a teen is exposed to some of these sacred objects and rituals that were once a present in popular culture. This night begins by trying to bridge the gap between the symbols and rituals teens today do see in their daily lives with a game where they must identify the meaning behind the symbols they see. A teaching follows that explains symbol and ritual in general terms and then applies that definition to the symbols and rituals of the Church. The teaching outlines the difference between the sacraments (instituted by Christ) and the sacramentals (instituted by the Church). After the teaching, the teens break into sessions to explore various sacramentals of the Church. The closing prayer for the night invites teens to use some of the sacramental action of prayer in a more meaningful way.

Parental Notice

This night will explore the various holy objects and rituals the Church uses to help guide prayer and devotion. Your child will come away with a greater appreciation for and understanding of the greater meaning behind these sacramentals.

Here are a few discussion questions for the week:

  1. How are sacramentals different from sacraments?
  2. Why do we have sacramentals and how can they help us grow closer to God?
  3. What sacramentals do we have in our home? Explore the meaning behind them.
  4. Which sacramental would you like to do or have? Why?



Throughout the main meeting space, display secular logos and symbols. This can be done on poster board or butcher paper. They should be large enough for everyone to see. There should be at least 15 symbols around the room. Each one should have a number on it. These will be used within the Gather for the night.  At each corner of the room have a “station” for each of the sacramentals that will be covered during the Break. If there is not room in the main meeting space, have each of the four stations in different rooms.

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