A Mother’s Love

Mary And The Church

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to set the foundation for a deeper understanding of and devotion to our Blessed Mother. In particular, this session will look at Mary’s relationship with the Church as mother, intercessor, and role model.

About this night

This session is the first of a four-part series about Mary, the Mother of God. In this series, teens will gain a deeper understanding of who Mary is as Mother of the Church, Mother of Christ, and as our intercessor. The sessions will also dispel some of the misconceptions teenagers may hold about Mary, and will give them the knowledge that they need to defend the Catholic understanding of Mary to people who may misunderstand the Church’s relationship to her.

This first session in the series begins with a comical competition that challenges teenagers to guess the price of various baby items. It then moves into a teaching during the Proclaim that provides an overview of the coming series and challenges teenagers to deepen their relationship with Christ through Mary. During the Break the teenagers have a small group discussion about having a relationship with Mary, and they close the night by learning and praying the Memorare together as a group.

Parental Notice


The environment for all of the sessions in this Into the Deep series is simple and will remain the same throughout the four sessions. It can also be adapted depending on the size and needs of your group. The main focus of the environment is a sizable statue or painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary. If your parish has a devotion to a specific depiction of Mary, use that same depiction to help tie the teenagers into the larger parish community and this devotion. In front of Mary should be a few flowers and, if your facilities allow, a few candles. The other essential element to this environment is a crucifix or a depiction of Mary with Christ, to reinforce that Mary always leads us closer to her Son.

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