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Wealth and Materialism

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to understand Jesus’ teaching regarding wealth and materialism. This night will also help the teens guard against attitudes of materialism in their own lives.

About this night

More and more teens have to compete to be the best and most successful at school, sports, and even their jobs. This Life Night seeks to help the teens understand the role or wealth, materialism, and setting priorities. This Life Night begins with a fun game to see which teen can collect the most money through selling their talents. The teaching for this night will help teens focus on simplifying their lives to make room for Christ. The teaching will also look at the poor as an example of simplicity and faith. After a time of small group, the night will end with a time of prayer challenging the teens to give up one or two possessions or talents for the service of Christ.

Parental Notice

This Life Night focused on money and the role it plays in our lives.  We discussed materialism, having our priorities, goals and hopes in order, along with serving Christ with those things we are blessed to have.  Here are a few discussion questions that you and your teen can talk about:

  1. What value does money play in your life?
  2. What is one or two things we as a family can give up to make more room for Christ?
  3. What is your definition of success? Do we help you achieve that?
  4. What is something we as a family can do to help those in our community who are less fortunate than us?


For this environment think “success.” Set up your gathering space as a “Hall of Fame of Successful People.” Print out and hang pictures of famous, successful people – businessmen and businesswomen, actors and actresses, singers, artists, and athletes. Along the walls have quotes about success.   Do not have any religious symbolism. The Core Members should dress up like tour guides and have one Core Member at each picture of a successful person waiting to give a list of all his or her accomplishments, awards, and achievements.

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