Office Olympics

Fall Kick-Off Night

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to kickoff a new school year and fall semester. The night will give teens a chance to interact and build community.

About this night

Fall Kick-offs are a great way to get the semester started. Not only do they allow the teens to get to know each other before the semester begins, they also help get the whole community involved in the youth program. This night beings with the “opening ceremonies” where all the Core members will be introduced. After, the teens will break up into teams for the remainder of the night. The youth minister will explain how the night will flow and then give the teens time to compete and complete as many games as they can. The night will end with the “closing ceremonies” where the top three teams will be awarded medals.

This Life Night is based off “The Office” episode entitled “Office Olympics” found in season 2, episode 3. Have the Core planning this night watch the episode to get an idea of the games.

Parental Notice


Since the Life Night has many games, the environment for this night is pretty simple. In the front of the room create a winners podium that has places for first, second, and third place. Above the podium, hang the Olympic rings and a Catholic flag. Next to the podium, create a simple “office” Olympic torch from colored tissue paper and a fan.

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