All For One, One For All

The Church as a Sign and Instrument of Unity

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens see that Jesus Christ is unifying and that through the Holy Spirit, His Church is seeking to accomplish unity. The teens will see how human pride and weakness have led to disunity among Christians and will experience how to be a part of the humble solution.

About this night

The focus of this Life Night is to celebrate that Catholicism is meant to unify and to address the issue of disunity among Christians. Often times, teens feel confused on how or why to believe in Jesus Christ because they are exposed to so many different Christian denominations. This Life Night will help the teens to understand how some of these differences came about and what we can do as the young Church to build bridges with our Protestant brothers. Be well versed in what other Christians in your community believe.

The night begins with a few fun games that illustrate disunity among the whole group. The teaching for the night will be broken up into two sections between the Proclaim (part 1) and Break (part 2). The Proclaim will discuss the Church as a sign of unity in the world and the Break will discuss the Protestant Reformation and schisms within the Church.  The Send will give the teens a very real opportunity to reach out to other Christians in their community by writing letters and praying for other Christians and those who are separated from the Church.

Parental Notice

This Life Night is designed to help your teen understand how it came to be that Christianity has so many different denominations and rites. We will discuss how it all started historically, and we will also take a look at how Jesus prophesied about this in the Gospel of John. We will end the night by showing the teens that we are called as Catholics to work for ecumenism and the building up of one Church so that body of Christ is united. Take a few minutes to follow up with your teen this week. Here are a few discussion questions for you and your teen:

  1. Why are there so many different Christian denominations in the world? Is this Jesus’ fault or humanity’s fault?
  2. What can we do as a family to build up the Body of Christ?
  3. How do we treat our own family and friends that are not Catholic?


The environment for this Life Night should give a divided feeling. Have the Core Team split in half. Each half of the Core Team will be assigned to one side of the room. Have each side choose a color (like red or blue) that will represent their “side” and have the Core dress only in their chosen color. The Core Team should not cross over to the “other side” of the room. There will be a table on each side of the room. One table will have a bible covered by a box and a sheet that matches that teams color. The other side and table will have an empty chalice & paten covered by a box and sheet of matching color. The idea is that the two sides are protecting their gifts during the opening game. The two gifts will be revealed as a part of the Proclaim.

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