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The Sacramental Nature of the Church

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to introduce the new semester on the Sacraments to the teens. The night will help teens understand why the Sacraments were given to the Church.

About this night

This Life Night kicks off the semester on the Sacraments. It is a fun way to get the teens involved in learning more about the Sacraments. The night will begin with the teens and Core Members getting to know each other better while participating in a photo scavenger hunt. The teaching will focus on the definition of a sacrament and the role sacraments play in the lives of Christians. During the Break, the teens will have an opportunity to discuss the role of sacraments in their lives and the life of the Church. The night will close by thanking God for the sacraments and calling on the Holy Spirit to help the teens open their hearts to what God wants to show them throughout the rest of the semester.

Parental Notice

This Life Night this week is the introduction to our semester on Sacraments. The goal is to help teens understand what a sacrament is and why they were given to the Church. Take some time with your teen this week talking about the seven sacraments of our faith.


The main meeting space should be set up with symbols that represent each sacrament of our faith: this includes water, oil, bread, wine, wedding rings and priest vestments. These can be the actual physical elements or elements created out of paper or cardboard. Be creative in your set-up: the more tangible the better. Also remember that it is important to create a sense of hospitality for the first night of the semester. Be sure to have the Core Team spread out and introducing themselves to new teens.

Part of the Gather will take place in the sanctuary. Be sure to explain that we should still be reverent while participating in the sacraments photo scavenger hunt.

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