The Church's Task of Evangelization

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to have the teens understand why the Church exists, to explain what evangelization is and to empower the teens to be missionaries in their schools and families.

About this night

This Life Night breaks open the topic of evangelization and the Church. The Life Night begins with a group activity to create a 30 second advertisement for a sacrament. After a time of sharing the ads, the night will move into a teaching on the task of evangelization in the Church. The teaching will also look at how the Apostles were given the mission from Christ to make disciples at the Great Commission. After the teaching, the teens will have an opportunity to discuss what they think evangelization means and how they can live that out daily. The night will end with a prayer of blessing taken from the RCIA Rite of Welcoming.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Teen we are diving into the topic of evangelization. Evangelization is the primary task of the Church. At the Great Commission, Jesus gave His Apostles the mission to make disciples of all the nations. This mission continues today not only in our bishops, priests, but all members of the Church. Take a few minutes to discuss evangelization with your teen this week.

  1. What does the word “evangelization” mean to you?
  2. What is one unique way you think you can evangelize?
  3. How can our family be a better witness of faith to those we encounter?


The environment for this night will play on many different products the teens are familiar with. It should be an advertiser’s dream in the Life Night meeting space! Have the Core Team create signs to place around the room that are well known brand slogans or symbols but with a Catholic spin to them. For example, take the Gatorade symbol and spin the “G” series to spell “God.”¬† Place the bolt next to the “G.” Use the Mercedes Benz logo and turn it into the Trinity symbol. Change the Coca-Cola logo into “Jesus-Christ.” The Vans “off the wall” skateboard symbol can be the Vatican “Centered on Christ.” Pull in the Life Night title by doing a Catholic spoof of the MasterCard “priceless” campaign. On a large screen have funny and appropriate commercials playing on the projector as teens come gather for the night.

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