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Dignity, Rights and Responsibilities

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand the inherent dignity in every person.  This night will also look at the rights and responsibilities that come along with our dignity.

About this night

As members of a community we are charged with upholding and protecting the dignity of all persons. This Life Night seeks to help the teens not only see their own dignity, but also the dignity of every member of the community. The night begins with a competition between groups to see who can build the best, most protected fort. After the competition, the teaching will focus on the dignity found in every person and the responsibility each member of the community has to uphold and protect that dignity. The Break will give the teens an opportunity to write a letter of affirmation to someone they struggle to see Christ in. The night will end with a time of prayer that will help the teens recognize their own worth and dignity.

Parental Notice

Our Life Night this week covers a topic we talk about often– the dignity of the human person. During the night we will look specifically at the inherent dignity of every person in the community and our call to see, respect, and protect that dignity. The night will also help the teens see and declare his or her dignity. Here are a few discussion questions for the week to keep the conversation going at home.

  • What does it mean to have dignity?
  • Who in your life is someone that doesn’t uphold your dignity? Who is someone that you don’t uphold his or her dignity?
  • What are some ways we as a family can better serve our community and help others see Christ in themselves?
  • How can I as your parent help you live confidently in God’s love?


The environment for this night is all about security.  The environment will be less about physical objects and more about the presence of the Core Team. At the entrance of the room have a make shift metal detector and the Core checking purses and bags. The rest of the Core should be stationed around the room in shirts that have “security” on the back. They should be patrolling around the room controlling the teens as they wait for the Life Night to start. Create situations with teens where the Core Members question why the teens are at Life Night. These situations should be funny and light. In the front of the room, have a long table set up. This will be used in the Gather.

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