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God’s Plan for Our Happiness

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce the semester on morality. This night will also help the teens understand God’s desire for our happiness and freedom. The night will challenge the teens to see God’s law as a way to help us live in His freedom and not as a hindrance to our freedom.

About this night

This night marks the beginning of the Morality Semester. God desires that we would live as He created us, free and loving. This night will look at what law means for our lives; law is not something that hinders our freedom, but is rather something that allows us to live as God intended. This night will begin with an icebreaker where each teen will meet other teens with similarities. After the icebreaker there will be a humorous skit that will transition into the teaching. The teaching will focus on God’s plan for our lives and what it means to live according to His plan. Each teen will have a chance to discuss the teaching in their small groups that will be divided out by grade. The night will conclude with a time of reflection and prayer that will encourage each teen to bring their lives to God’s altar.

Parental Notice

Welcome to our semester on morality! This will be an exciting semester where we will look not only at the Ten Commandments but also at God’s plan for our happiness. Yes, there is sin in this world, but God’s law guides us away from sin and challenges us to live according to His plan for our freedom. Spend a few minutes this week discussing with your teen(s) their thoughts on morality. Here are a few questions to get the conversation started:

1.    When you think about morality, what comes to mind?
2.    Why do you think God put laws into place?
3.    To you, what is the difference between Godly happiness and worldly happiness?


The room will be set up like a courtroom; the opening skit will take place in “God’s Courtroom.” Place a judge’s bench at the front of the room; you can do this by placing a table on a platform so that it stands higher than the other tables. To the right of the judge’s bench, place a chair and microphone for the witness stand. Then, opposite the witness stand, place two more tables, one for the defense and one for the prosecution.

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