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Fall Kick-Off Night

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

This Life Night is designed as a kickoff to a new year of Life Teen.  The goals of the night are to have a big, engaging night that attracts teens, sends them out with enthusiasm to return the following week and gives them a desire to stay involved in the upcoming year of Life Teen.  While there is a message to the night, the primary goals are getting the teens to the night and then excited about being involved with Life Teen.

About this night

This night presents an opportunity to go all out to kickoff to a new year of school.  There are opportunities for promoting the night, having an impressive environment and for an intensive skit that will give the youth a great impression of your ministry.  This night features a “Princess Bride”-type skit to highlight the struggles which teenagers may face as they begin a new year of school.  Grandma is telling a story to encourage her struggling grandson through the story of the hero William and his love for the princess Lily.  This night is very intensive and will take a lot of work to do right, but if done well can make a great start to a new year!


Promoting this Life Night is the key to a great start to a new year of Life Teen.  Each fall presents every program an opportunity for a fresh start.  Be sure to plan ahead so that you can blitz the parents and the teens with mailers, bulletin announcements, MySpace and Facebook events, e-mails, signs for the entrance of the church, etc.  Create a buzz!  Mailers can take several weeks at a minimum to create, duplicate, label and mail.  Plan ahead.  Send an invitation to EVERY high school teen in your parish.  Using bulk mailing can save you lots of money, but requires much more time to prepare and deliver!   It is also a good idea to send a separate letter to parents in order to let them know what is going on in Life Teen this semester.  Take time to reach out to parents of freshmen in particular.

Parental Notice


This night gives you the opportunity to use your entire space.  There are three main parts of the environment for this night:  the castle, the bedroom, and the Dark Forest.  The bedroom is simply a bed set up in the middle of the room with maybe a bedside table and a few items like a clock and a phone.  Pick one wall for the castle, preferably the stage area if you have one.  The castle can either be constructed with cardboard and boxes by creative Core and/or parents for a three dimensional look or you can even do an internet search for “castle background mural” and purchase two-dimensional mural to fill a wall.  The rest of the perimeter of the room should be the forest.  The forest can be painted on paper that lines the perimeter of the room or you can contact a local nursery and borrow a truckload of bushes and small trees to fill the perimeter of the room.

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