Would You Rather?


Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of the night is to define discernment and help youth understand how discernment plays out in everyday life as we live our universal call to holiness. The night will also provide practical ways to discern God’s will in both small and big decisions.

About this night

The night begins with an interactive and fun game show called, “Would You Rather?” The game leads into the Proclaim, which emphasizes our universal call to love and spread the Gospel, while also emphasizing that discernment is ongoing in the big and small decisions we make. Ways that the Church can help with discernment will be introduced, as well as practical tips to make discernment a part of daily life. Then, a teen or Core Member will give a witness about how he or she had to discern a decision and relied on the guidance of the Church and the Holy Spirit during that time. An extensive small group time follows, giving the teens time to process and share their experiences. Finally, the night will end with a Scripture reflection based on Matthew 6:30-34. While calling the teens to trust Christ, this will also provide time to hear God speak through Scripture.

Parental Notice

The word “discernment” often scares teens because they think it relates only to the decision to become a priest or a nun. This week’s Life Night was meant to break down what the word really means and explain how God wants to guide all of the decisions the teens make, both big and small. It is important to emphasize to your teen that everyone, regardless of his or her vocation, is called to love the people around them and spread the Gospel. They are called to do this every day, regardless of what state of life they are in. At the Life Night we explored how to make discernment a part of every decision, and we also explored how the Church can help in the process of discernment. We stressed that discernment is ongoing and not just a one-time thing: God can speak and guide us all of the time. Here are a few questions to talk about with your teen after the Life Night:

  1. When you hear the word discernment, what do you think? How has that definition changed for you after the Life Night?
  2. What are the biggest areas that you need to discern in the future? How, as a parent, can I help?
  3. How is discernment different for active Catholics as opposed to the rest of the world? Feel free to share your own stories of discernment as well.


Set up the room like a game show. There should be a podium in the middle of the set where two announcers will be located. The backdrop will list the name of the game show: “Would You Rather?” Split the backdrop (and divide the phrase “Would You Rather?”) with two very different scenes to indicate a difference in sides. An example would be that one side would be shiny yellow and the other would be shiny red. The spilt should be right through the “Would You Rather?” logo. The studio audience will be the teens that are attending the night.

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