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The Visible Structure of the Church: a Hierarchical Communion

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand why Christ set up a hierarchical structure within the Church. The night will also show the teens the importance of the role of the laity within the mission of the Church.

About this night

From the very beginning of the Church, Christ put a structure of authority into place. This structure continues today through the pope, bishops, priests, religious, and laity. This Life Night begins with a game that requires the teens to think about how different roles play different parts in every situation. The teaching breaks open the different roles within the Church and answers tough questions about the need for organized religion. The Break gives the teens a chance to take a deeper look into the role and importance of the laity’s role in the Church’s mission of spreading the Gospel. The night ends by praying for each of the specific roles within the Church.

Parental Notice

Life Night this week will explore the hierarchal structure of the Church. We will look at different roles within the structure, specifically the role of the laity, and see how each carries out the mission of the Church. Take a few minutes this week to pray for our pope, bishops, priests, religious, and lay people. Here are a few discussion questions for the week:

  1. Why do you think Christ set up a structure within the Church? Why not give everyone the same authority?
  2. How does the laity have a unique role within the Church?
  3. How can we, as a family, live more fully our call to holiness and to make disciples?


The environment for this Life Night should play off the title. Fill the room with things that represent “roll” or “role.” This could include bread rolls, balls of all shapes and sizes, pictures of the different roles within the Church, etc. Have fun with this. It should slightly confuse the teens as they enter the room. For added measure, have the sound of bowling balls knocking down pins playing as the teens enter. The Core can engage the teens in conversation and games using the environment before the night begins.

Secondary Environment. For this Life Night, you will need two other spaces for rotating sessions during the Break.

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