Four Marks of the Church - Holy

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to explore the reality that the Church is “Holy”, not because of the members of the Church, but because of Christ. The Life Night shares the lives of saints as examples of lived holiness and challenges teenagers to follow their example.

About this night

This Life Night is the second of a four-part series on the four marks of the Church, focusing on the mark of “holy.” The Gather activity offers the teens an opportunity to interact with saints who lived lives of holiness in a variety of circumstances. The Proclaim explains why the Church is holy and breaks open the concept that we are called to holiness by being in communion with Christ. We experience this communion through the sanctifying grace of the sacraments. The Break provides the teens with an opportunity to reflect on people in their own lives they view as holy, and to identify obstacles in living out holiness. The Life Night closes with a teen from each small group presenting their petitions for a large group closing prayer.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Teen we discussed the mark of the Church, “Holy.” In our discussion, we talked about the reality that the Church is holy, not because of her members, but because of Christ. We then talked about the lives of the saints and other people we view as models of holiness today, noting how they can be examples to us on our walk of faith. We discussed that God is the source of our holiness, and the closer we are to Him the more we are able to live out our call to holiness each day. We provided the teens with an opportunity to reflect on their personal obstacles to living holiness and prayed for and with one another to overcome these obstacles.

During the week, take a few minutes to discuss this Life Night with your son or daughter. Consider using the following discussion questions to start the conversation:

  • Who is the greatest example of holiness in your life?
  • What are a few ways to strive for holiness each day? How can we strive for holiness as a family?


The environment for the four Life Nights “United,” “Sanctified,” “Universal Outlook,” and “Commissioned and Sent,” should remain the same. Create four large pillars and place them in front of the room. On each pillar write one of the four marks of the Church.

Move the pillar with the word “Holy” written on it to the front and center of the room. Hang pictures of a variety of saints around the room. You can also include pictures of people who are great examples of holiness in the Church today.

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