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Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is for teens to understand how Scripture tells the story of how God uses covenants to prepare His people for salvation and the Messiah. The teens will also reflect on how God’s promises can focus their prayer.

About this night

This Life Night looks at the way God uses covenantal promises throughout the Old Testament to point His people back into relationship with Him, culminating in the New Covenant of Christ.  The Life Night begins with a fun video about covenants, and transitions into a Proclaim that gives the teenagers a brief overview of salvation history and challenges them to recognize God’s fidelity throughout history. During the Break the teens will take some time to discuss the importance of God’s promises and how covenants are lived in the life of the Church.  The Life Night ends by giving teens the opportunity to give God praise for His love and fidelity using the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Magnificat.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we talked about how covenants are central to the Bible and salvation history. The night emphasized the unique aspects of God’s covenant and how it demonstrates how God is still faithful in our world today. Through many covenants, God reveals more and more of Himself to his people and invites them to enter into a relationship with Him. A couple possible questions for you to discuss with your teenager are:

  • Do you believe God keeps His promises?  Why or why not?
  • What promises has God made to you? Do you trust that God is faithful to you?


The environment for this Life Night is very simple. Set up a large cross in the middle of your main meeting space, and place a piece of butcher paper across the middle of the cross with the words, “I Promise,” written on it. This will be used for the Send portion of the Life Night.

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