I Swear


Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

This Life Night will give the teens an introduction and overview of the Old Testament covenants God made with His people. This night will cover the signs and promises of each covenant and how the Israelites chose to follow (and not follow) God’s covenants. Finally, this night will give the teens an opportunity to  look at the covenants between themselves and God.

About this night

This Life Night gives a big picture look at Scripture and salvation history through the lens of covenants. Many teens have learned to be skeptical of promises and often withhold trust from family and friends. This Life Night will look at the promises that God has made in Scripture as well as the promises that He has made to them specifically. The night starts with a quick game that helps explain the concept of a covenant. The game is followed by a funny skit about Jesus’ promises to us. The Proclaim gives an overview of the covenants in Scripture and how each covenant included a larger group of people. Rotating sessions in the Break will help the teens see how God’s promises and covenants are still at work in the different communities in their lives. Finally, the Life Night closes with an opportunity for the teens to renew their Baptismal promises.

Parental Notice

This Life Night takes a big picture look at Scripture and salvation history through the lens of covenants. A covenant is a sacred oath or promise between God and His people. Starting with Adam and Eve, God has established a relationship with his people through covenants.  In this Life Night, your teen will learn the promise and sign of each covenant and look at the promises God continues to make with us.  See CCC 56-61 for more information. Possible topic for discussion:

  1. Share with your teen why you had them baptized and what that day was like.


The environment for this Life Night is a room filled with the signs that accompany the covenants of the Old Testament. These visuals can be used within the teaching for the night. The signs include: marriage, rainbow, Ten Commandments, throne, etc. Have large visuals of these at the front of the room. Leading into the room, have cartoon word bubbles with phrases such as “I promise”, “I swear”, “cross my heart”, “trust me”, etc. Where the teens sit, use masking tape to divide the room in half (this will be used in the Gather game).

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