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Catholics and the Bible

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to help teens understand the integral role of Scripture in the Catholic Church and address misconceptions people may hold about Catholics and the Bible.

About this night

This Life Night begins with a game that challenges teens of different grade levels in their knowledge of Sacred Scripture and popular literature. The game transitions into the teaching, which addresses the relationship between the Catholic Church and Sacred Scripture, as well as misconceptions that exist about the relationship between the two. Teens break into small groups to discuss the teaching from the night and how they can grow in their love of Scripture. The Send for the night teaches teens to pray the Rosary using the Luminous Mysteries, and then it gives them an opportunity to engage in this beautiful prayer.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we discussed the deep relationship Catholics have with the Bible, and some misconceptions people have about that relationship. Our night began with a game that challenged teens to decide if a particular quote was from the Bible or from popular literature. The teaching for the night broke open the relationship Catholics have with the bible, and then teens had an opportunity to discuss the teaching. We closed the night be exploring a practical way to meditate on the Bible through the rosary. This week, take some time to talk with your teen about this week’s Life Night:

  • What was one new thing you learned about Catholics and the Bible at Life Night?
  • Why is praying the rosary important for Catholics? How can we use this prayer more as a family?


The environment for this Life Night should be set up like a library. In the front of the room have a couple of bookshelves with several books on them. Have some desks set-up near the bookshelves with Core Members studying and reading. For the opening game, you will also need to have eight chairs set up near the front (see Gather). Have signs hung up around the room that say, “Quiet.” Core Members should be “shushing” teens as they enter the room and start to get noisy.

If your parish has a library or bookstore, see if you can use several of the books for the environment. If not, ask Core Members and parents to bring in books for the Life Night environment. Be sure to label the inside cover of each book so they get back to the right person after the night is over.

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