So You Think You Can Dance?

A Social Life Night

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to build community and fellowship by creating group dances with the Core team that are fun and clean.  The night will also affirm Christian morals through the art of dance and pray for teens sharing their gifts and talents in the performing arts.

About this night

This night is loosely based off of the reality show “So You Think You Can Dance?”  If you are not already familiar with the show, take some time to watch a few episodes on or  The show is an “American Idol” –style dance competition with a host and judges.

The night begins with introductions of new teens and the “judges.”  The Core will come forward and perform a choreographed dance.  The teens and Core members will then break into groups to create a fun dance that they will perform during the Send portion of the night.  After about 20 minutes of preparation, the groups will perform their dances and be “judged.” After all the groups have preformed a winner will be determined.  The night concludes with a prayer over teens that are involved in performing arts.

Get the teens involved!

This night is a perfect night to get teens involved in the planning and setting up. Try to find a few teens that have stopped coming to Life Night to help out.  Many teens, especially the girls, will have many gifts and talents to help create the environment and choreograph a dance.  This night would also be a great teen-takeover night.  Give the juniors and seniors and opportunity to plan and execute the Life Night.  The Core can help them with the set up and details of the night.

Parental Notice


The environment for the night should be created through lighting.  If your parish has a stage, play with the lighting on the stage to make an exciting and bright atmosphere.  If your parish does not have a stage, clear out a space for a dance floor.  Off to the side have a table and chairs for the judges. On the table, have a bowl filled with pieces of paper that have possible song names on them. Purchase some black or bright colored newsprint rolls and trace dancing silhouettes on them.  Cut them out and tape them around your room.  In a large box, have props for the groups to use. The props can be anything from a pool noodle to a kitchen utensil.  Be as creative and random as possible with these.

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