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Alternative Prom Social Life Night

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to provide teens an alternative to going to their normal high school prom. This night also serves as an opportunity for community building.

About this night

The purpose of this Life Night is to give teens another option on how to celebrate prom. This Social Life Night uses a few of the typical prom themes and makes it fun and pressure free. The night begins with the guys and girls creating their prom suit and dress out of streamers. Once the teens are dressed, they will compete in a dinner and dessert eating contest. After the contest, the teens will have the rest of the night to dance and socialize. The night will close by thanking everyone for coming and with a short prayer.

Parental Notice

This week’s Life Night will be different than most others. This week we are holding a Life Night for those teens that do not want to attend their normal high school prom. We have many needs for this night and could use your help. Contact our office if you are interested in helping provide supplies. For this week, spend a few minutes talking with your teen(s) about how they are feeling about prom. Be sure to communicate any expectations you have in regards to prom.


The environment for this night will work with the Gather activities. Set up tables with chairs on both sides of the tables around the perimeter of the whole meeting space. In the middle of the room, have a space for dancing. In one of the corners of the room set up a camera for teens to take pictures with their friends. Invite a DJ to come and set up lights and a sound system for added environment.

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