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Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to build community by testing the teen’s knowledge and singing skills with a game of team trivia mixed with a singing contest.

About this night

Like most social nights, this night is a great opportunity for the Core to do relational ministry.  This night takes a classic team trivia and adds a new element – singing. The teens will be broken up into teams and try to answer trivia questions about their own parish, the Church, and other miscellaneous categories. Between rounds the teens will be given an opportunity to prove their knowledge of music and the lyrics to popular songs. The time in between rounds and questions lends itself to start conversations and build relationships with the teens.  At the end of the trivia game the top two teams with the most points win a prize. The night will close in prayer.

Parental Notice


In the regular meeting space set up tables and chairs all around the room. On the tables, have different snacks like popcorn, chips and drinks.  Set up the front of the room with a stage, microphone, table and lights. If possible, use blinking or moving lights for added effect.   Have fun music playing as the teens enter the room.  Make sure the Core Team is there to greet the teens.

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