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The New Testament Epistles

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce teens to the New Testament Epistles and explain why they were important to the early Church and are important to our faith today. It will challenge teens to imitate the boldness of the writers in their own communication with others.

About this night

This Life Night focuses on the message of hope and encouragement found in the Epistles.  Teens will learn more about the call to preach the Gospel with their lives – making sure that they are living out what they profess to believe.  The Life Night starts with a small group building challenge where groups will have to rely on the written instructions of one of their team members to build a simple block structure.  The Proclaim will break down the topic by exploring some of the main themes of the New Testament Epistles. During the Break, teens will get into small groups and examine some of the New Testament letters. They will then write a letter of their own to encourage their peers in the faith.  The night ends with a few teens sharing their letters in the large group

Parental Notice

This week we learned about the New Testament Epistles – these are letters written by saints to the early Church.  These letters were written to help the individuals and communities of the Church live the Gospel fully. They are also an encouragement to believers today to share our faith in Christ with others and make sure our actions support what we say we believe.  Faith and action cannot be separated.  Take a few minutes this week to discuss this topic with your teen. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Who is someone who encourages you or has encouraged you in your faith?
  • Who is someone in our family that needs encouragement to stay strong in his or her faith?
  • What are some things we can do at home to pray for and encourage one another each day?


The environment for this Life Night can be very simple..  Place mailboxes all over the room, or have a “Post Office” desk sitting up in the front of the room. Consider constructing a set of “cubby” mailboxes with each of the teen’s names on prior to the Life Night and setting it up in the front of the room. If there are any new teens to the night, have them write their name on a card and assign them a mailbox. In addition to these mailboxes, have several other items near the front of the room that represent how we communicate in our current culture – have a laptop, a cell phone, and project a “Twitter” feed from a Catholic youth minister or priest on the screen as teens walk into the room.

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