The Four Marks Of The Church - One

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce the topic of the four marks of the Catholic Church to the teenagers. The Life Night examines the reality that the Church is “one” through one Baptism, our unity in Jesus Christ, and our one profession of faith.

About this night

The Life Night begins with a large group game that helps teenagers meet other members of the group and learn what they share in common. The teaching during the Proclaim gives teenagers a foundation for understanding the four marks of the Church and specifically the first mark of the Church, “One.” Teens will learn that we are each a part of the “one body of Christ.” During the Break, the teens will be able to discuss the concepts from the teaching and share about their own experiences as members of the body of Christ. The Life Night closes with a reminder of our Baptism and an encouragement to live out our role as a member of the body of Christ, helping to unify all believers through our prayer and worship together.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we began a four part series on the four marks of the Church. The four marks of the Church are shaped by the identity the Church has in Christ. The four marks are “One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.” We identify these marks every time we recite the Nicene Creed. At Life Night, we discussed the nature of the Church as “one” and we talked about our one Baptism, our unity in Jesus Christ, and our one profession of faith.

The teens had the opportunity to discuss their role as a member of the body of Christ. We concluded the Life Night by reminding teenagers of their Baptism and gave each of them a candle to represent our mission as a member of one Church, the body of Christ.

Here are a few discussion questions that you and your teenager can talk about:

  • What do you think your role is in the Church, the body of Christ? How does Jesus Christ unite us all?
  • What unique gifts has God given to you?


The environment for the four Life Nights “United,” “Sanctified,” “Universal Outlook,” and “Commissioned and Sent,” should remain the same. Create four large pillars and place them in front of the room. On each pillar write one of the four marks of the Church.

Move the pillar with the word “One” written on it to the front-center of the room for this Life Night.

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