Be My Valentine

A Life Teen Social Night

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to have a Valentine’s Day social to build community and fellowship. This night will also give a brief overview of St. Valentine and the virtue of charity.

About this night

There’s love in the air—must be Valentine’s Day. This is a social Life Night to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This Life Night is intentionally written to be very simple. Be sure to plan in advance and enlist help from parents and other volunteers. The Life Night begins with a brief explanation of St. Valentine and our call to the virtue of charity. The night continues with the movie Lady and the Tramp and a few games/activities on love. The night closes in prayer by praying for an increase of charity.

Parental Notice

The Life Night for this week will be a simple Valentine’s Day social. We will briefly discuss why we celebrate Valentine’s Day and our call to the virtue of charity. We will watch the movie Lady and the Tramp and play a few games.

The following are a few discussion questions for home:

  • What does love mean to you?
  • Who is someone that is hard for you to love? Why?
  • How can we increase the virtue of charity at home?


Keep the environment for this night simple. Cut our pink and red hearts from butcher paper and place them on the walls. On some of the hearts write phrase like “be mine,” “I love you,” “UR A QT” “You Rock.” Be as creative as possible. Buy a pack of candy hearts for inspiration. For an added touch, have quotes about love from Scripture on poster board. Have a large “Happy Valentine’s Day” sign draped across the room with fishing wire. Set up a table with snacks like cookies, candy, popcorn and soda for the teens to eat. In the front of the room, have the screen set up for the movie and have comfortable seating like beanbag chairs for the teens to use during the movie.

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