Water Balloon War

A Life Teen Social Night

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to have fun and build community among teens by having them work together in teams in a variety of competitions.

About this night

This night is an epic way to spice up a normal water balloon fight by giving the teens opportunities to win more balloons for their team during the game at the end of the night.  Students will rotate through ten games as a team; for each game, the winning team will receive 25 extra water balloons to use at the end of the night for the big water balloon fight.

Note: This night requires a lot of resources and preparation to make happen.  Try recruiting parents and older students to help fill water balloons prior to and during the Life Night.  Buy packages of balloons to have ready to hand out to volunteers so they can fill them at home and bring them back on Sunday evening for the night. 

Parental Notice


Set up your main meeting space with designated areas for each of the ten games with a sign above each game so teams can easily navigate to them. Outside of your main meeting space, preferably in an empty parking lot or field, set up coolers or buckets of water balloons for the final water balloon fight.

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