What’s Your Sabbath?

Third Commandment

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Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to remind parents of their personal obligation to “keep holy the Sabbath Day” as well as their obligation to help their children to follow this commandment.

About this night

This night is a parent version of the Life Night “Gimmie A Break.”  This night, like the Life Night for the teens, challenges the participants to look at how they can keep holy the Sabbath day. Ideally, this Parent Night and the Life Night are run simultaneously on a Sunday evening. This night begins with a time for the parents to mingle and get to know one another. The Proclaim will explain the Third Commandment and how we are called to live it out today, particularly as families. The parents will then have time to discuss the topic. Finally, the teens and parents will gather together for a Lord’s Day celebration to conclude the night.

Parental Notice


The environment for a Parent Night is simple. Set up the room with several tables and chairs, if possible, or have chairs set up so that they can be moved into small group settings easily. If you provide snacks, have those set out either on the individual tables or placed so that parents can easily help themselves.

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