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A Social Life Night

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to build community and fellowship through playing different types of competition video and board games.

About this night

Social Life Nights are a great way to break up the semester and give the youth minister and Core a chance for relational ministry. This Life Night provides many opportunities for the Core to build relationships with the teens. The night begins by explaining each different video game and how to use the controllers.  The teens will have the opportunity to play as many games as they want—including board games. At the end of the night, the teens with the highest scores on each game will be given a prize. The night will close in prayer.

Parental Notice


Gathering the equipment for this night will take some work.  A month before the night ask the teens, Core and parents if they can bring in their gaming systems to this Life Night.  The more the better!  Hook some systems to TVs and others to projectors to be displayed on a large screen (or sheet).  On each screen or TV have a different gaming system set up—Wii,  Xbox, Playstation, and if possible, an old system like Nintendo.  Try and get as many Wii systems as possible. Have games like Dance, Dance, Revolution (DDR), Wii Bowling, Wii Boxing, Wii Baseball, Karaoke, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero available for the teens to play. All the games should be at least two-player games. Avoid the more violent games such as Halo.  Have tables and chairs set up in the middle of the room with games like Jenga, Connect Four, Uno, Catch Phrase, Cranium, and Operation in the center as alternatives to the video games.  Have food and drinks available for the teens to snack on throughout the night.

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