Will You Go To Prom With Me?

A Life Teen Issue Night on Prom

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens transform their thinking about prom into an opportunity to live out their faith. The night will also challenge the teens to live as examples of purity and integrity in the way they think and act before, during and after prom.

About this night

Prom night has always had a reputation. Drinking, parties, and sex are part of some teens’ experiences. This night seeks to help the teens remain pure and to be examples of integrity and holiness at and even after prom. The night begins with the teens breaking up into guys and girls small groups for a friendly competition. The competition will decide who was the most creative in asking someone to prom. The teaching will discuss how prom, purity, integrity, and holiness go together, as well as address the teens who decide not to attend prom. After guys and girls small groups, the night will close with the teens praying over one another for God’s help in remaining pure.

Parental Notice

For many of your teens, prom will be a part of their high school experience. With prom season coming up, we wanted to discuss the importance of purity, integrity, and holiness in relation to prom at this week’s Life Night. With so many opportunities for teens to drink and have sex before and after prom, we wanted to reiterate the importance of standing firm of the foundation of faith. Here are a few discussion questions to continue the conversation with your teen(s) at home during prom season:

1. What kind of pressures do you feel from peers around prom time? Do you feel like you have to drink or have sex?

2. How will your faith play into your decision about who you will go with to prom and what you will do after?

3. What does purity and integrity mean to you?

4. How can I help you plan to stay holy during prom?


The environment for this night can be as simple or complex as wanted. In your meeting space create a high school dance environment. Have a disco ball or Christmas lights strung around the room; if possible, have the lights blinking or moving. Place prom or dance pictures of the Core Members all around the walls of the room, or looping on a large screen. If possible, have a few of the pictures blown up and place them at the entrance of the room. While the teens are gathering, have dance music playing and Core Members dressed in prom attire from their era. For an added bonus, have one Core Member act as a photographer and take pictures of the teens and Core as they come into the meeting space.

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