Challenges to Worship and Sacraments

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand some common questions about the sacraments and how we worship as Catholics. The teens will be given an open forum to ask questions and seek answers. The teens will leave this Life Night with the confidence to seek the answers to their faith that they do not always understand.

About this night

This Life Night will be a great opportunity for the teens to express confusions or frustrations they have experienced in liturgical and other worship settings. The night will begin with focusing the teens to open their hearts and will then have a video made by the Core Team and/or youth minister that highlights common obstacles and questions about the sacraments. The night will continue with an panel discussion about the questions being asked. More questions may arise as the night continues. The night will end by praying Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours.

Parental Notice

This Life Night will help your teen overcome challenges to worship by clarifying some questions and further defining what to do when questions arise in his or her faith life. It will be an opportunity for the teens to ask that one question that has been bugging them for weeks or maybe even years. Help your teen prepare by thinking about what challenges they face when participating in worship and the sacraments. Have them write these challenges on a piece of paper and bring them to Life Night to seek the answers.


The environment for this Life Night should be fun and interactive. Fill your space with various obstacles and hazards that could cause a “wipeout.” This can be as simple as a flashing lights, loud noises and traffic cones blocking the teens to elaborate hazards like the ones found on the show “Wipeout!”  On the screen at the front of the room, have clips from that show playing. Also at the front of the room, have chairs and a long table set up for the panel discussion during the Break.

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