Word Made Flesh

The Purpose of the Incarnation

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand why the Word became flesh and how the plan of salvation began well before the Son of God came to earth. The teens will have an opportunity to respond to this Good News and invite the Word Made Flesh deeper into their hearts through prayer.

About this night

The Incarnation is the mystery of God becoming man; as it states in the Nicene Creed, “For us men and for our salvation He came down from heaven.” The night will begin with a game similar to charades that will transition into the teaching emphasizing the four purposes for the Incarnation. The night will utilize the symbol of a ladder to show that God descended from the heavens to take on human nature. As a result of the Incarnation, humanity can now ascend this ladder to gain eternal life. In this world Christians continue to encounter the Incarnation in and through the Eucharist; the Incarnate God in our world today. After a time of discussion in small groups, the teens will spend time with the Word Made Flesh in Eucharistic adoration. The night will close with prayer and benediction.

Parental Notice

This week we experienced the Incarnation in a deeper way. The night emphasized the four reasons why our God became man and the effects of the Incarnation, using the symbol of a ladder. The ladder helps us understand that God lowered Himself because He loves us and the Incarnation raises us to become more like Him. A few possible questions:

  1. Why would the Almighty God lower himself to become a person?
  2. How does the Incarnation relate to us today?


The environment for this night should be simple and clear. Place a ladder in the front of the room directly in the middle, and have the rungs of the ladder facing the teens. Have black cloth, poster boards with the words “sin,” “death” and “rejection” to the left of the ladder to symbolize the world before the Incarnation. Hang white cloth, candles, poster boards with the words “life,” “heaven,” “salvation” and “glory”  to the right of the ladder symbolizing the Light of the World that came through the Incarnation.

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