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Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to offer teens an opportunity to celebrate the Soccer World Cup 2010 as well as build community with one another.

About this night

The game of soccer (futball) is one of the most popular games in the world.  This year South Africa will host the FIFA World Cup.  Starting June 11 the world will be glued to their televisions cheering on their country.  This Social Life Night is a fun way for your teens to join the global excitement of the World Cup.  What a better way than to hold a crab soccer tournament?  The night begins with the teens getting into groups to come up with a team name and flag.  Each team will compete in short soccer matches and try to move on to the next round of matches through a bracket-style elimination tournament.  During the games, the teens will also be able to compete in a few other side competitions.  The night will end with an award ceremony to the teams and teens who won both the soccer tournament and side competitions.

Parental Notice


The environment for this night should be simple but fun.  There are two key elements to this environment.

Soccer Fields

The best place to hold this night is in a gym or outside on a large grassy field.  Set up two rectangular soccer fields approximately 30 feet by 15 feet.  Mark the field boundaries with cones.  With different colored cones, mark off goals on opposite sides of the field.  The cones for the goals should not be more than 10 feet long.

Other elements

In keeping with the World Cup theme, have plenty of soccer balls around the meeting space.  If possible, have bleachers out for other teens to watch the games.  Have snacks like popcorn and nachos or other “stadium food.”  For added effect, have clips of older World Cup games playing on a big screen.

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