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Active Membership in the Church

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to recognize the need for action in our faith lives. To be an active member of the Catholic Church involves a life of service beginning in the home and the parish. Our participation in the life of the Church should be more than just weekly attendance of Mass; we are all called into full and active membership of the Church.

About this night

This night will need a lot of preparation by the greater parish community. Prior to the night you will need to enlist volunteers from different ministries within the parish to come and present their ministry to the teens.

The night will begin with time for the teens to socialize and build community. This is a great way to end the semester on Church. This will be followed by testimony given by a teen. This, along with the teaching, will emphasize the idea that active membership in the Church involves much more than just going to Mass on Sunday. After the Proclaim, there will be a mini “Ministry Fair” so the teens can learn more and volunteer for different ministries in their parish. The night will end with a meditation on the Parable of the Talents and then a call to commitment. Each teen will be encouraged to make at least one commitment to become an active member in the church and in turn the greater, Universal Church.

Parental Notice

The goal of this night is to encourage each member of the Church to be more active by introducing him or her to the possible ministries in the parish. Here are a few discussion questions:

  1. Why is it important for us to get involved in the parish?
  2. What were some of the ministries that you were interested in?
  3. Tell me about the three servants from the Parable of the Talents. Which one do you relate to the most?



The environment of the room should take on the feel of a state or county fair. This should include several “booths” for the ministries that will be participating in this night. Have fun with this theme. Have “fair food” like corndogs and cotton candy during the Gather of the Life Night. If possible, have a few simple carnival games for the teens to play during the Gather as well. In the room, create a “country” setting using haystacks, overalls, cowboy boots, cowboy hats and plenty of plaid! Have country music playing as the teens enter the room.

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