College Life: Leveled

College Life: Leveled (Part 1 – Shoot-Aim)

Having balance in our life is something that doesn’t necessarily come easy or natural. We can all admit that life is busy, hectic and stressful. The life of a college student or young adult in particular is one of those seasons of life where things can get overwhelming. Do I study or go out? Do I hang with friends or go to work? Do I decide on a major of just keep pushing the decision away? Do I wait to the last minute or do I start planning ahead? These questions and more are always looming in our life. Finding balance during this season of life is important. So, where do we start? We must start by making our decisions with the end in mind.

College Life: Leveled (Part 2 – Minimize)

Like packing, living a life of balance is an art form and it’s something that we learn how to do. As a young adult, this season of your life is preparing you for the rest of your journey. Learning the right skills for your life is essential. If you don’t learn to minimize your baggage now it will wear you down later in life. We all desire to travel light, to be free! Authentic freedom is something we all desire. We all yearn to be free from the things that keep us from living the life God has designed for us.

College Life: Leveled (Part 3 – Option-itis)

Should I study? Should I go to grad school? If so, where? Should I get married, and if so, then who do I choose? As a young adult you are faced with many decisions. Learning to eliminate options and prioritize things in your busy life is important. As you get older choices get bigger and harder. Learning to eliminate options that keep you from choosing the best option is key to living a balanced, healthy, faith-filled life. Every choice you make matters and will lead you towards or away from where you need to go.

College Life: Leveled (Part 4 – The Big D)

In this study we will dive a bit deeper into something that we rarely talk about: Discipline! The word “discipline” seems to have a negative tone. When we think of this word it’s often associated with a negative thought or experience. However, discipline can be a really good thing. Discipline is needed in all of our lives, thus, without discipline in our life chaos remains.

College Life: Leveled (Part 5 – C The End)

So why is commitment important to living a balanced life? The answer to this question is simple. Commitment is what holds everything together — it’s the hinge- pin. Without commitment the process of living a healthy and balanced life falters. So what is commitment? Commitment is being totally dedicated to a cause. Everything you will work for and do in your life will require commitment from you