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Edge: Retreat - Weekend

Keep Calm and Sing Alleluia: An Edge Weekend Retreat

Without the Resurrection there is no Christianity, no Catholic Church. This retreat is a resource to help you break open the Resurrection narratives with your middle school youth in a dynamic way; to invite them to immerse themselves in the events, which have shaped our faith. We have our faith thanks to the fortitude, wisdom, […]

Inside Out: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth understand that their self worth comes from their identity in God, thus calling the youth to treat others with respect through their actions and words.

So Long Self: Edge Retreat

This retreat will help the youth realize they must give up their “self” (selfish ways) and fill their hearts with God through virtuous acts of self-giving love (practice of Beatitudes).

Restored: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth experience the Paschal Mystery in their lives.

You Never Let Go: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth understand that God’s love is always present, especially in the times they feel lost

Into the Mystery: Edge Middle School Retreat

Into the Mystery introduces middle school youth to the mystery of God helping them to enter into a relationship with Him even though He is often beyond our comprehension. This retreat will also give the youth an opportunity to see where they need God’s love and forgiveness and challenge them to live out God’s love for them in their daily life.

Revolutionary Love: Edge Middle School Retreat

Revolutionary Love is a weekend retreat that challenges the middle school youth to see the love of God and His greatness in their lives. They will then be challenged to live out this greatness and love in their daily lives calling upon the graces of their Baptism. This weekend retreat also features a boys and girls session focusing on sin and the need for Reconcilliation.

Hands and Feet – Middle School Retreat

Hands and Feet is an Edge weekend Retreat focusing on many different topics including human suffering, fear, selfishness, the love of God, and men’s and women’s sessions on sin and worth.