Life Teen: Into the Deep

Into the Deep: Life Issues

This Into the Deep explores Life Issues, including abortion, poverty, and end of life care. Each session challenges teenagers to become pro-life advocates in their world, and helps them understand the unique dignity of every person.

Into the Deep: Mary

The goal of this resource is to provide the teenagers at your parish with catechesis that goes deeper into Sacred Scripture and the teachings of our Catholic Church. The sessions contained in this resource are more challenging in their teachings and small group questions, all geared towards teens that are seeking more than the typical Life Night provides. This Into the Deep explores the role of Mary in our faith. As Catholics, we know that Mary is a critical part of our faith and our understanding of Christ, but fail to have a vibrant relationship with Christ through her. These four sessions look at the role of Mary as Mother of the Church, as our intercessor to Christ, the words Mary spoke and how they point us to Christ, and how to have a healthy devotion to Mary. Each session will challenge teenagers to strengthen their relationship with Christ through Mary, and will also provide them with a foundation to explain Marian teaching to their friends.

Into The Deep: Lent

This Into the Deep challenges teenagers to expand their sense of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during Lent by helping them understand how these actions build our relationship with Christ.

Into the Deep: Discipleship

This Into the Deep challenges teenagers to become disciple leaders in their parishes, schools, homes, and in their groups of friends. It uses the examples of various disciples in each session to help teenagers grow in their faith.