Life Teen: Retreat - Core

Testify Core Retreat

The call to minister to the youth of the Church is an incredible one, but it is not without challenges. Core Members face discouragement and spiritual exhaustion through the course of the year, and may even burn out. Core Team retreats form a spiritually healthy Core Team, providing Core Members with time to get away […]

Share in the Master’s Joy: Core Retreat

The retreat is based on the fruit of the spirit joy. Many are searching for true joy in different things. In ministry we often get focused on the work of multiplying talents and forget to share in the Master’s true joy. The goal of this retreat is to have the Core Team understand the gift of true joy and how living in our “Master’s joy” frees us to love and serve.

Baptized: Core Retreat

The goal of this retreat is for the Core Members to understand their identity as baptized sons and daughters of God. Before we are husband, wife, father, mother, minister, employee, or anything else, we are primarily God’s children. In our Baptism, we were baptized priest, prophet, and king. These identities form the basis of who we are in Christ and give us the ability to minister in Christ’s name. This retreat will unpack these three baptismal identities and how they affect our relationship with God and our ministry to young people.

Core Values: Core Retreat

You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything. The old adage is just as true today, especially for us in youth ministry. There are so many demands and requests made of a youth ministry program at the parish. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the youth program should look like, do, not do, cost and accomplish. With all these (often conflicting) ideas flying around, how can a youth ministry program create a clear identity? Better yet, how can the adults involved in the ministry know what they are working for?

It was exactly this kind of “identity crisis” that the movement of Life Teen wanted to avoid. Following the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we wanted a clear vision of who we are as a movement in the Catholic Church. We wanted to define our defining characteristics. In 2002, through much prayer and discernment, Life Teen came up with our seven Core Values: Love, Eucharistic Spirituality, Faithfulness to Primary Vocation, Joy, Authenticity, Affirmation, Evangelization.

Spirit Led: Core Retreat

The overall goal of the retreat is to have Core understand and recognize the temptations that come with discipleship and ministry. In each temptation, we can choose ourselves or we can choose to love Christ more than our own wants, needs or agendas. The temptations give us the opportunity to draw close to Christ in our weakest moments and draw from his strength, example and mercy.