Semester Planning Guide: Scripture

Welcome to our new Edge Semester Planning Guide! Be sure to look through the whole book and check out all the new things. Whether you are a veteran to Edge or this is your first semester, we wanted to take some time to explain some of the new sections in your curriculum guides, why we […]


This retreat has been designed to take middle school youth on a day-long journey through their story – past, present, and future. It challenges youth to see how Christ redeems our past history, sins, and hurts. It calls them to walk with Christ every day. Finally, the retreat helps middle school youth look forward to […]


This volume of Amplify contains articles to help you get off to a great start with this next year of your Edge ministry. Check out the article titled Getting Started to help you plan for your year in order to bring your best to the youth that you serve. Also take sometime to prayerfully reflect […]

Spotlight 22: Mission and Evangelization

This issue of Spotlight focuses on mission and evangelization. It includes articles that share stories and advice about how to love and evangelize those that are hardest to love or that we consider enemies, encouraging teenagers to consider mission work, and give a glimpse into the mission field of Europe. This issue includes two high-energy […]

Curriculum Guide: The Mass

“The Summit,” is our new Curriculum Guide that leads teenagers into a rich understanding of the Mass, and challenges them to make worship at Mass the source and summit of their lives. A renewed understanding of the liturgy will transform the lives of the teens you serve, as well as transform the life of your […]

Liturgy Planning Guide: July 2014 – November 2014

Song suggestions, homily suggestions, and the Sunday readings for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 13, 2014) through the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King (November 23, 2014) in Year A of the Liturgical cycles.

Brick Retreat

Brick is written specifically with high school freshmen and sophomores in mind. This retreat shares the simple Gospel message that Jesus was sent to take on our punishment for sin and reconcile us back to God. The goal of this retreat is to introduce teenagers to the Person of Christ and the Paschal Mystery. Teenagers are challenged to acknowledge Jesus Christ as their savior and enter into a deeper relationship with Him.

At the beginning of the retreat, teenagers are each given a brick. This brick is carried with them through the first three sessions and represents the weight of sin that they carry with them. After teenagers receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, they place their brick at the foot of the cross. They learn that, freed from sin, we are called to put our hope in Christ and make him our firm foundation. Teens are given a brick at the final session, now painted white and labeled with “1 Peter 2:6-7” as a reminder that Jesus is the Cornerstone of their faith.

Semester Planning Guide: Social Justice

Welcome to your new Edge Semester Planning Guide! Whether this is your first Edge semester or your tenth, we wanted to take some time and point out various sections from the Edge Nights and give our thoughts on why we included them and advice on how to incorporate them.

Liturgy Planning Guide: March 2014 – July 2014

Song suggestions, homily suggestions, and the Sunday readings for the 1st Sunday of Lent (March 9, 2014) through the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 6, 2014) in Year A of the Liturgical cycles.

Rooted: Parent Life Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to help parents put down roots of faith in Jesus Christ and invite Christ to bring healing and uproot areas of their lives that do not bring life (fruit). This retreat will also challenge the parents to stay rooted in Christ though the different storms and seasons of life.

Into the Deep: Life Issues

This Into the Deep explores Life Issues, including abortion, poverty, and end of life care. Each session challenges teenagers to become pro-life advocates in their world, and helps them understand the unique dignity of every person.

Life Teen Training DVD – Small Groups, It’s Time to Get Talkin’

We have all been there before: sitting on the filthy, frigid gym floors, halogen lights obnoxiously buzzing overhead, deafening silence, and the teens avoiding eye contact with you at all costs. Oh, the dreaded small group! This Life Teen Training DVD covers the basics facilitating and navigating small group discussions. This training will explain how to […]

Spotlight 21: Inspire[d]

This issue of Spotlight introduces Life Teen’s 2014 year theme: Inspire[d]. It includes a Life Night to help teenagers dive into the theme of the year, as well as an article for youth ministers about the theme. This issue also features an emphasis on finding balance in ministry; three articles are dedicated especially to single and married youth ministers, and youth ministers that are parents.

Amplify Volume 5: Road Trip to Rio

This volume of Amplify features articles on how to stay refreshed in ministry, the popular app vine, how to use humor in the proclaim, and how to handle bad behavior in small groups. Check out the Issue Nights on Pope Francis and Profanity, and also the Mardi Gras Social Night.

Into the Deep: Mary

The goal of this resource is to provide the teenagers at your parish with catechesis that goes deeper into Sacred Scripture and the teachings of our Catholic Church. The sessions contained in this resource are more challenging in their teachings and small group questions, all geared towards teens that are seeking more than the typical Life Night provides. This Into the Deep explores the role of Mary in our faith. As Catholics, we know that Mary is a critical part of our faith and our understanding of Christ, but fail to have a vibrant relationship with Christ through her. These four sessions look at the role of Mary as Mother of the Church, as our intercessor to Christ, the words Mary spoke and how they point us to Christ, and how to have a healthy devotion to Mary. Each session will challenge teenagers to strengthen their relationship with Christ through Mary, and will also provide them with a foundation to explain Marian teaching to their friends.

Spotlight 20: Stewardship

This issue of Spotlight highlights Stewardship. As children of God, we’re called to be good stewards of everything God has created and gifted us with. Explore the multitude of ways we can help our teens be good stewards of their gifts, talents, and Creation in this issue of Spotlight.

Amplify 04: Chastity and Sexuality

This issue of Amplify is all about helping our middle-school with their identity as children of God, especially their sexual identity. Make sure to take some time to read through all of the articles about chastity, sexuality, homosexuality, and safe environment topics to help you navigate these difficult and important topics.

College Life: Leveled (Part 1 – Shoot-Aim)

Having balance in our life is something that doesn’t necessarily come easy or natural. We can all admit that life is busy, hectic and stressful. The life of a college student or young adult in particular is one of those seasons of life where things can get overwhelming. Do I study or go out? Do I hang with friends or go to work? Do I decide on a major of just keep pushing the decision away? Do I wait to the last minute or do I start planning ahead? These questions and more are always looming in our life. Finding balance during this season of life is important. So, where do we start? We must start by making our decisions with the end in mind.

College Life: Leveled (Part 2 – Minimize)

Like packing, living a life of balance is an art form and it’s something that we learn how to do. As a young adult, this season of your life is preparing you for the rest of your journey. Learning the right skills for your life is essential. If you don’t learn to minimize your baggage now it will wear you down later in life. We all desire to travel light, to be free! Authentic freedom is something we all desire. We all yearn to be free from the things that keep us from living the life God has designed for us.

College Life: Leveled (Part 3 – Option-itis)

Should I study? Should I go to grad school? If so, where? Should I get married, and if so, then who do I choose? As a young adult you are faced with many decisions. Learning to eliminate options and prioritize things in your busy life is important. As you get older choices get bigger and harder. Learning to eliminate options that keep you from choosing the best option is key to living a balanced, healthy, faith-filled life. Every choice you make matters and will lead you towards or away from where you need to go.

College Life: Leveled (Part 4 – The Big D)

In this study we will dive a bit deeper into something that we rarely talk about: Discipline! The word “discipline” seems to have a negative tone. When we think of this word it’s often associated with a negative thought or experience. However, discipline can be a really good thing. Discipline is needed in all of our lives, thus, without discipline in our life chaos remains.

College Life: Leveled (Part 5 – C The End)

So why is commitment important to living a balanced life? The answer to this question is simple. Commitment is what holds everything together — it’s the hinge- pin. Without commitment the process of living a healthy and balanced life falters. So what is commitment? Commitment is being totally dedicated to a cause. Everything you will work for and do in your life will require commitment from you

Liturgy Planning Guide: July 2013 – November 2013

Song suggestions, homily suggestions, and the Sunday readings for the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 28, 2013) through the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King (November 24, 2013) in Year C of the Liturgical cycles.

Sent: Life Teen Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to call and equip teens for the mission of evangelization. Using the stories and characters in the book of Acts as a basis, this retreat will help teens understand that they have an important testimony to share about how God is moving in and through them. It is our baptismal call to share that testimony with the world, “so that the divine message may be known and accepted by all men throughout the earth” (CCC 900).

Spotlight 19: Relational Ministry

This issue of Spotlights highlights aspects of relational ministry and Core Training. It includes articles and Life Nights about safe environment, social media, and a Core Team training session. Refine your relational ministry ability with this issue of Spotlight.

Inside Out: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to help the middle school youth understand that their self worth comes from their identity in God, thus calling the youth to treat others with respect through their actions and words.

Amplify Volume 3: 2013 Theme – Fearless

This volume of Amplify highlights articles on Instagram, Bruno Mars new CD, and the 2013 Life Teen Theme of Fearless. Check out the Issue Nights on Fearless and Honoring our Parents, and the Putt-Putt Golf Social Night.

Spotlight 18: Fearless

This Spotlight explores Life Teen’s 2013 Year Theme, “Fearless,” with an article by Mark Hart and a special Life Night. It also includes a Life Night to help kick-off the school year, and several resources that will help prepare teenagers’ hearts for the season of Lent.

Into The Deep: Lent

This Into the Deep challenges teenagers to expand their sense of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during Lent by helping them understand how these actions build our relationship with Christ.

Amplify Volume 2 – Year of Faith

This issue of Amplify highlights the Year of Faith. There are also articles about core members, and engaging and empowering youth. This Amplify also includes Issue Nights on the Year of Faith and a Kickball Social Night.

Spotlight 17: End of the World

This issue of Spotlight features an article and Life Night that explain the Catholic understanding of the “end of the world” and the Second Coming of Christ. It also features tips for your annual kick-off, a unique Christmas social, and a Life Night on spiritual warfare.