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Amplify Volume 5: Road Trip to Rio

This volume of Amplify features articles on how to stay refreshed in ministry, the popular app vine, how to use humor in the proclaim, and how to handle bad behavior in small groups. Check out the Issue Nights on Pope Francis and Profanity, and also the Mardi Gras Social Night.

  • Sunblock Against Burnout: How to Stay Refreshed in Ministry by Chris Mardesich
  • “Tarzan, Grapes, Jesus, and Apps?” The New Social Media App, Vine by Christina Mead
  • Mardi Gras: An Edge Social Night
  • Ask the Therapist: Why Pre-Adolescents Love Games, the Secret Revealed! by Cheyenne Vasquez
  • ROFL: How and When to Use Humor in Proclaims by Angie Bosio
  • Road Trip to Rio: An Edge Issue Night on Pope Francis and World Youth Day 2013
  • Tips on Break: How to Handle Bad Manners in Small Groups by Richard Rivera
  • A Brief Introduction: The Catechism of the Catholic Church in 30 Seconds by Amanda Grubbs
  • Words with Friends: An Edge Issue Night on Profanity and Speech

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