Brick Retreat

Brick is written specifically with high school freshmen and sophomores in mind. This retreat shares the simple Gospel message that Jesus was sent to take on our punishment for sin and reconcile us back to God. The goal of this retreat is to introduce teenagers to the Person of Christ and the Paschal Mystery. Teenagers are challenged to acknowledge Jesus Christ as their savior and enter into a deeper relationship with Him.

At the beginning of the retreat, teenagers are each given a brick. This brick is carried with them through the first three sessions and represents the weight of sin that they carry with them. After teenagers receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, they place their brick at the foot of the cross. They learn that, freed from sin, we are called to put our hope in Christ and make him our firm foundation. Teens are given a brick at the final session, now painted white and labeled with “1 Peter 2:6-7” as a reminder that Jesus is the Cornerstone of their faith.

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