College Life: Leveled (Part 1 – Shoot-Aim)

Rethinking the way I do things so that my decisions reflect the life I intend to live

There is an old saying in the military that dates back hundreds of years. The saying was given to the infantry division so that they could hold their ground and make the most of opportunities to advance against the opposition. As men would line up to defend their ground, guns in hand, someone would yell, “ready-aim-fire.” Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is probably unlikely that anyone ever yelled, “ready-shoot-aim.” Unfortunately for many of us, life gets so crazy that we often feel like we don’t have time to steady ourselves to aim and shoot. We are flying by the seat of our pants hoping that as we “fire at life” we will hit the target.

Having balance in our life is something that doesn’t necessarily come easy or natural. We can all admit that life is busy, hectic and stressful. The life of a college student or young adult in particular is one of those seasons of life where things can get overwhelming. Do I study or go out? Do I hang with friends or go to work? Do I decide on a major of just keep pushing the decision away? Do I wait to the last minute or do I start planning ahead? These questions and more are always looming in our life. Finding balance during this season of life is important. So, where do we start? We must start by making our decisions with the end in mind. Making good decisions gets us on the right foundation. If we make decisions without thinking ahead, then we eventually create un-needed chaos in our life (shoot- aim). This process of decision making moves us into damage control and clean up, and ultimately our life gets off balance and we feel like we can never catch up. However, when we learn to steady our lives (ready-aim-fire) and think about the decision(s) we need to make, we begin to make choices that lead our lives down the path we want to go. As we launch this study on having balance it’s important to evaluate your decision making process. Remember, making better decisions are the starting point for having balance.

We all long for a balanced and happy life. Having balance doesn’t eliminate stress or trials. It simply helps us create a steady, firm, and “balanced” life so that we deal with each day on firm ground.

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