College Life: Leveled (Part 2 – Minimize)

Minimizing the excess baggage in my life so I can live life uncluttered and focused

Have you ever over-packed for a trip? If you have, then you know what it is like to try and slam shut the truck of your car that is over-stuffed. Or, you know the frustration of carrying all your bags through the airport. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to fit all your bags in the car or having to carry more than you can hold through the airport (not to mention the extra baggage fees).

Recently airports have added an express lane for “experienced” travelers. This lane is for those who travel often, who travel light (one carry-on), and who know how to maneuver through the airport quickly. “Experienced” travelers know all the secrets to making their trip as fast, seamless, convenient, and as painless as possible. One of the main secrets that these travelers have in common is their ability to pack everything they need in a small carry-on bag. Packing is an art form for sure. However, the key to packing this light is asking the right questions: “What do I really need for this trip?” and “What don’t I really need for this trip?” The question of wants and needs helps to minimize what you pack. For example, you may want to bring a hair dryer or an extra pair of shoes, but do you really need them? In order to pack light you must eliminate some things from your packing list!

Our life in some ways is a lot like packing. Imagine going through your life carrying “excess” baggage. For a while you may not notice how heavy and inconvenient it is, but over time, it takes its toll. If we live our life carrying around “excess” then eventually we wear out. Like packing, living a life of balance is an art form and it’s something that we learn how to do. As a young adult, this season of your life is preparing you for the rest of your journey. Learning the right skills for your life is essential. If you don’t learn to minimize your baggage now it will wear you down later in life. We all desire to travel light, to be free! Authentic freedom is something we all desire. We all yearn to be free from the things that keep us from living the life God has designed for us. Yet we often mistake freedom for doing whatever we want. Although we have free will to do whatever we want, God’s designed us for much more. The YOUCAT states, “God created us as free men and wills our freedom so that we might decide wholeheartedly in favor of the good, indeed for the greatest “good” — in other words, for God. The more we do what is good, the freer we become.”

So what do you need to minimize in you life? If you desire to live a life that is balanced, healthy, and free you need to begin to ask the right questions. What am I carrying around that needs to be eliminated from my life? What excess do I need to get rid of? What are the essentials that I need to keep? As a young adult your time, energy, and schedule is packed with excess (not all bad) stuff. It’s not easy to say no, or to get rid of things, but balance demands that you do so. In order to commit to a life of balance you must be willing to travel light, keep the essentials and get rid of the excess.

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