College Life: Leveled (Part 3 – Option-itis)

Prioritizing my life so that I can live a balanced life

We live in a culture where options are limitless. Each day we are faced with many choices; we can choose where to eat, what to eat, where to shop, what to buy, what to wear, and where to go out. The difficult thing about living in a culture with “option-itis” is the reality it plays in our life. Because our options are limitless, it keeps us from being able to choose. The reality however, is that we must learn to eliminate options and prioritize things in our life so that we can live the life God intends for us.

Eliminating options and prioritizing things are difficult choices to make in our life. Some options are meaningless and really don’t matter in the big scheme of things. Who cares really if you order a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder or nuggets, right? The issue for us is when it comes to choices that really matter. Should I hang out with these people even though I know they aren’t good influences on me? Should I study? Should I go to grad school? If so, where? Should I get married, and if so, then who do I choose? As a young adult you are faced with many decisions. Learning to eliminate options and prioritize things in your busy life is important. As you get older choices get bigger and harder. Learning to eliminate options that keep you from choosing the best option is key to living a balanced, healthy, faith-filled life. Every choice you make matters and will lead you towards or away from where you need to go. When we live a life where everything is an option, than making the right choice becomes more difficult. The only way that you can begin to prioritize things in your life is if you begin to eliminate things that keep you from “keeping the main thing, the main thing.”

This process begins by first recognizing the reality of the culture and it’s temptation on you for options. Second, it requires you to be honest about how you handle options, prioritizing and decision making. Third, it requires you to begin the process of eliminating options from your life that keep you from living in freedom. Fourth, it requires you to prioritize your life, which includes your faith, your goals, your time, so that your decisions are made based on the reality of your priorities. Prioritizing isn’t easy. It requires you to make tough choices on what’s most important. Lastly, it will take prayer. Only God can truly guide you in your journey through life. His guidance for you will give you the grace and strength you need to eliminate options and prioritize your life.

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