College Life: Leveled (Part 4 – The Big D)

Disciplining My Life. Living in Balance. Walking with Jesus.

As we press forward in this study it’s important for us to remember a few things. First, the reason we seek balance in our life is not for outward perfection, but because God desires for us to live internally and externally free (without the clutter and chaos in our outward life and in our heart). Second, living “balanced” requires from us some sacrifice, time, and discipline. Balance isn’t something that comes natural, but is learned through the course of trial and error. Third, God is the source of our life and the source of living a life on “level” ground. Thus, when we talk about balance we must continue to look through the lense of the One who created us and the One who desires for us to live “leveled.”

In this study we will dive a bit deeper into something that we rarely talk about: Discipline! The word “discipline” seems to have a negative tone. When we think of this word it’s often associated with a negative thought or experience. However, discipline can be a really good thing. Discipline is needed in all of our lives, thus, without discipline in our life chaos remains. One definition of discipline states, “discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior.” There are two main points in this definition that we should take note of. First, discipline takes “practice.” If you’ve ever played an instrument, a sport, or taken part in any activity that you wanted to be good at you know that it takes practice. In the “discipline” or “practice” of our craft we get better at whatever we are doing. Without the discipline of practice we stay mediocre. Thus, we must practice the art of discipline. Second, discipline is training to obey a “code of behavior.” In this study the “code of behavior” that we are seeking is “balance.” We must be disciplined in practicing the guidelines we set up for our lives. Every day we must be disciplined in our practice and commitment to the goals, times, events, people, and places that we have set.

You may or may not consider yourself a disciplined person. However, discipline is something that is learned and practiced. Some of us struggle with time management, some with commitment, some with following through, some with motivation, some with over-extending ourselves, some with over commitment, some with over-eating, some with over spending. The important thing to remember, however, is that we are all called to grow in the area of discipline. When we become more disciplined in our life, the life of balance we seek becomes more of a reality.

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