College Life: Leveled (Part 5 – C The End)

Learning Commitment. Sustaining a life of balance. Living consistently with God.

Before moving on to the final part of our “Leveled” series, it’s important to note one thing. We must always continue to look to God as the visionary, author and leader of our life. God desires for us to live a healthy and balanced life, thus, God gives us the grace and the ability to make decisions to live this out. As seasons of our life change, living in balance becomes a challenge. Using the points in the study as a guidepost will help us get back on track.

In the final bookend of this study series we will look at a very important area for living a balanced life — commitment. When we think of the word commitment it is fair to say that many things come to our mind. As a young adult/college student this word can be very scary. The word commitment seems long term, forever, and final. It’s a buzzword in the young adult culture that is often avoided altogether. We live often “in the moment” and “for the moment” and the idea of committing past the “moment” is a total “buzz kill.” This being said, this season of young adulthood is a season of learning to become an adult. It’s a season of learning the ropes and using the tools given to you as you move into becoming whole. Some people prolong this process and some don’t. It’s a choice. However, if you want to live the life God desires for you to live then becoming an adult is a part of the process. Thus when we talk about the word “commitment” it’s important to take it seriously. Like discipline, commitment is something that we learn and grow in. For example, the commitment someone has when they are dating in high school looks a lot different then the commitment a husband and wife have. We learn the depth and art of commitment as we grow in virtue and grow in our understanding of God’s design for our life.

So why is commitment important to living a balanced life? The answer to this question is simple. Commitment is what holds everything together — it’s the hinge- pin. Without commitment the process of living a healthy and balanced life falters. So what is commitment? Commitment is being totally dedicated to a cause. Everything you will work for and do in your life will require commitment from you. Commitment is being totally dedicated to a cause and seeing it through to the end, no matter what’s at stake. Your vocation will take commitment. Your job will take commitment. As you begin living a life of balance it will take your willingness to commit, to dedicate yourself to the cause, see things through until the end!

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