College Life: What If (Part 10 – Mission)


Over the last several parts of this study, we have taken a step back to look at the questions of identity through a different lens. When we ask questions about our identity we have to assess why we are asking these questions. Am I asking these questions from a standpoint of being in a relationship with God? Am I asking these questions through prayer? Am I asking these questions knowing my identity is in Christ? If we are asking questions about our identity from a place outside of a relationship with the Lord, we will continue to try to find identity in what we do. Yet, what we do will never satisfy us, no matter how successful we become. We will never be satisfied because our hearts long to know who we are and to be in relationship with our Creator. When we ask questions of our identity from a relationship with the Lord, then what we do becomes an integral part of who we are. No matter what we do, we always know who we are. When we know who we are, we are fulfilled in what we do.

Our talents and abilities are a gift from the Lord, and when we use them to the best of our ability, God will put us where we can serve Him the best. He will place us where we can be the most free, most fruitful, and most loving. Our mission and purpose in life belongs to God because we belong to God. As sons and daughters of God we are most free when our mission in life comes from a relationship with God. When we journey with Him and find who we are in God, our mission, our purpose in life, will come from Him.

What if you knew your mission in life was to be in relationship with the Lord? What if you lived your life in freedom knowing and living out your mission using the gifts and talents the Lord has bestowed upon you?

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