College Life: What If? (Part 3 – Desire)


Do you ever get a craving for something like pizza, a latte, a burger, a soda, or ice cream? We all know what it is like to have a craving for something. Our bodies are meant to crave for things. When we get hungry, our bodies crave what it is lacking. When we get cold, our bodies crave warmth. When we get lonely, we crave attention. Cravings hang around until they are eventually satisfied by something. Maybe we eat something we have been craving to eat, or do something we have been craving to do, and for a moment, the craving goes away. We can crave many things: food, success, money, love, God, truth, sin, happiness, fame, or whatever it may be. We can even satisfy those cravings for a time, yet they always come back. A venti latte can only satisfy us for so long.

So, what will satisfy our deepest cravings? Cravings have a tendency to stay on the surface, but in reality, they run very deep into our existence. Cravings lead us to our desires, and it is in our desires that we find out what we are really looking for. Desires are a deep longing for something, and it is this “something” that we look for to satisfy us. We all desire to be fully satisfied in our lives. We all desire to be loved, accepted, and fulfilled in our lives, and these desires are real and they are important. Desire, however, can either lead us to God or away from God. Our desire to be loved can either lead us to understand God’s satisfying love or lead us to grab hold of something that will only temporarily satisfy us. When we try to satisfy our desires with things of the world that only fulfill us for a moment, we are left empty again.

The reality is that nothing will satisfy our longings, cravings, or desires like God will. The “something” that we are looking for is God. God created us to desire Him; thus it is in a relationship with God that our desires are met. The longing we all have to know truth, freedom, love, and purpose can only be found in the God who created us to know Him.

What if you allowed God to fulfill your deepest desires and longings?

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