College Life: What If (Part 4 – Surrender)


The word surrender often has a negative connotation to it. No one likes to give up, quit, or admit defeat. It goes against our nature to give in and to submit. Whether it is good or bad, our first reaction as humans is to run, fight, or hide. There was a recent story about a criminal who ran from the authorities. He knew he was caught, but he decided to run anyway. After a high-speed chase where he suffered multiple fractures from a wreck and a gunshot wound from a cop he stated, “I should have just surrendered” (all this from stealing some snacks from a convenient store). If he had given in, he would have gotten a few weeks in jail, paid a fine, and had some community service. Instead, he ran and turned the crime into a felony, and two weeks in jail turned into twenty years.

Adam and Eve ran as well. God created Adam and Eve in His image and likeness, and He created them to be in a relationship with Him. Yet, as soon as they disobeyed God, they hid (Genesis 3:1-13). Why did they hide? Wouldn’t it have been a much better option to admit their mistakes to God and talk things out? Instead, they ran and hid themselves in the garden hoping that God would not find them; however, in His great generosity, He went looking for them (Genesis 3:9). Eventually, Adam and Eve came out of hiding and surrendered to God, and God welcomed them back.

We may not want to surrender to God, but our hearts desire it. More than anything, our hearts long for surrender. We were not created to live life alone roaming around lost and left to figure things out all by ourselves. We were not created to hide our hearts and pretend that love does not matter. We were created for more. Our hearts long for God and His love. It is only through surrendering our heart (desires, fears, anxieties, hopes, dreams, expectation etc) that we find fulfillment. Surrendering to God is not giving up on life or quitting, it is just the opposite. Surrendering your life to God is a new beginning, and you were created to live your life in this way.

What would your life look like if you surrendered your life to God every day, trusting Him with your heart?

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