College Life: What If (Part 6 – Assumptions)


You may be thinking to yourself, “what do assumptions have to do with me and my faith?” Assumptions are very interesting thoughts, ones that we do not often think about. However subtle assumptions may seem, they have an impact on the way they play out in our lives, particularly in our relationship with God. An assumption is a pre-supposed thought or something we take for granted. When we assume something we are making a judgment about it before we have the facts in place. We often do this in our daily life without even thinking about it. Most often, assumptions that we make about things, situations, or people are harmless; however, some assumptions we make come from a place of brokenness in our life. We often take this brokenness and let it drive our relationships. For example, you have been hurt before in a relationship; therefore you assume everyone else will hurt you. Although you may not think this thought consciously, the brokenness of being hurt often makes you assume that this will happen to you again.

Think about your relationship with God. With God, you can do the same thing with your assumptions of Him. You automatically assume God will act, treat, or deal with you in a certain way. You often assume God should, will, or might do things the way you want or need Him to do it. You might go into your prayer time with God and assume what He is going to say or do, then your prayer and dialogue with God falls short. If you assume that God thinks a certain way about you, then that might drive you to stay distant from God. Whatever the case may be the reality is that God does not operate under your assumptions. God is much bigger and greater than your assumptions, your problems, hurts, pain, past, or future. God operates in total love, seeking to shower this love upon you. When your life leans deeper into the mystery of God’s love, your assumptions begin to fade into the background where God can gently heal them and lay them to rest. When you let go of you assumptions you can enter into a relationship that is free. This goes for all relationships; however, there is no relationship more important than your relationship with God.

What would your life look like if you lived without assumptions? What if you entered into a relationship with God and let go of any preconceived notions of how He should treat you? What if you were able to live you life without assumptions so that you could experience the fullness of God’s love?

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