College Life: What If (Part 7 – Relationship)


We all want to know our purpose in life; we all desire to know why we were created. Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on what we do. So much of “what we do” defines “who we are” and our “value.” Sometimes what we do is a reflection of the gifts that God has given us, but what we do is not who we are. Knowing who we are and why we were created is important because this will define how we approach everything else in our lives. To put it simply, we are God’s and we were created to be in relationship with Him. Although it doesn’t always seem to be true, what we need most in our lives is a deep, personal relationship with God, and above all else God desires to be in relationship with us. Our lives make the most sense when we are in a relationship with our Creator.

Every question we are asking, every desire we have, and everything we seek must flow first from our relationship with God. Jesus makes this very clear and simple for us: “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). Jesus is saying that our hearts cannot be divided. Each part of our lives should be rooted in God.

The questions you are asking about life are very important, and God desires to speak to them, but God gives answers in right order. God’s order is always clear and purposeful. When your life and relationships are not in the right order, you tend to seek answers and direction from other things; however, when God is the summit of your life, everything will flow directly from the grace of a relationship with Him.

What if your relationship with God was the most important thing in your life? And what if your relationship with God determined everything else in your life?

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