College Life: What If (Part 8 – Dialogue)


It is fair to say that we live in a fast-paced world. We travel faster today with modern transportation, we think faster with computers, we communicate faster with mobile devices, and we even eat faster with fast-food restaurants. Our society tells us that being bigger, faster, and stronger is the only way to make it through life. Faster is not always a bad thing, but if we never slow down, faster can surely put our lives at risk. The danger comes when our pace gets to a point where we cannot slow down, breath, live, and dialogue with God.

The reality is that God’s pace is unchanging. God is the only constant thing we have in our lives. He is steady and strong. When we think about our lives, our pace is always changing. Consequently, our relationships can be jeopardized. Good communication is key to any great relationship. A husband and wife, for example, cannot have a great relationship if they are long distance and only communicating briefly through electronic devices. Effective communication with another person comes when you’re in sync with one another. Prayer is the same way. If our relationship with God is going to be effective, we must talk with God and communicate with Him every day. When we pray, the pace of our lives slows down and allows us to enter into communication with God. Our internal pace is very important to living our lives the way God desires. Although the world may be moving fast, our internal disposition does not have to be. We should try to move slower in order to be more open and receptive towards God and His will for our day-to-day life. When we sit and pray, our heart, mind, and soul sync up with the Lord’s.

Prayer is essential in our relationship with God. It is the very thing that we cannot live without. Prayer is like breathing – we need it to live. In a world that is moving ever so fast, what if you allowed your life to slow down enough so that you could dialogue every day with the God who knows your hearts? What if your dialogue with God was an ongoing conversation that brought life to your heart?

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