College Life: What If (Part 9 – Identity)


The word identity is defined as, “the condition of being oneself.” This definition is simple and to the point; however, what does “being oneself” mean?” In order for us to be ourselves, we first need to know who we are. We need to know our identity. The question of “who am I” is a question we all ask and long to know the answer to. This question is what drives our search for meaning. This question is important for us to answer because if we do not know who we are then we will spend our whole lives looking for the answer. This search is endless unless it ends in God. Adam and Eve knew their identity; they knew they belonged to God. Yet, the enemy tricked them into thinking that they could find greater meaning outside of a relationship with their Creator. The same tactics of the enemy are evident today as many of us search for our identity in so many ways and in so many things. This endless search ultimately redefines our identity and tricks us into believing that “who I am” is all about “what I do,” “how I look,” or “what I accomplish.”

The great news for us is that the question of “who am I” is not a trick question. God does not send us on an endless search for something unattainable. In fact, God does not send us on a search at all; God Himself searches for us and finds us, and He gives us our identity. Just as God searched for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after they had sinned, so does God search for us every time we sin or lose our way. We are created to be in relationship with God, to rest in His embrace, and to know that our identity is in being a son or daughter of the Father. Our identity is not about what we do, how well we achieve success, or what skills we have. Our identity is simply knowing that we belong to God, and that what defines us is Gods endless love.

What if your identity was no longer defined by the world or by the tactics of the enemy? What if you stopped searching for false identification and stared resting in God’s love? What would your life be like if you accepted that you are a son or daughter of God? What if God defined your identity?

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